F@ck, that boy

It was freezing outside while riding my bicycle this morning. 
Recieved a letter from the real estate agent through which I had a contract on my previous apartment.  It was an announcement that the deposit and overpayed rent would be settled and the rest would be back to me.  The amount of money that would be back was what we had agreed before on the phone, but there was no receipt or estimate that explains the detail on what they need to repair.  I’ll call them today, but I have a huge distrust in the agent over the attitude with which they are handling this matter.

겁이 나다

오늘은 우천있습니다. 우천이었습니다.   irregular past form for 이다.

오후부터 짐에 갔습니다. 

처음 에어로빅스를 하려고 했지만 상급자코스 였으니까 그만뒀고 바이크를 했습니다.

My left shoulder

My shoulder pain won’t go away, which I hurt while skiing last week.  This isn’t a problem when leading a normal life, but it’s sad that I cannot work out with all my might.   I’m going to wait and see for a little more while.