Another busy day

It was cloudy and there were light showers intermittently.

Another busy day.  Had no time to eat lunch because there was an appointment from 13:00 and I hadn’t finished preparation for that.  After that, I finally could go and eat lunch around 16:00.  There were several things that had to be done outside and I thought it had better to finish those work as well while I was out for lunch. 

First I went to a clothes-repair shop to have my suit trousers repaired whose pocket had been damaged.  Secondly I had thought I would go to bicycle shop to have the front tire of my bicycle changed which had become thin after 10 years of riding.  I had searched the net for a neighborhood bicycle shop in advance last night, but when I visited around there, there was no shop by that name.  So I decided to go to another shop nearby, which I could find after a while.  I left my bicycle in the shop and went to eat late lunch.   Finally after receiving my bicycle, I went to a cleaning shop to take my trousers that had been kept there. 

This is what I did only during lunch? time.   There were much more things I had to do for work, too.  You can know how much I am busy these days.  In fact, I’m still working in the office at this very moment.


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