LDP’s presidential election

It is fine.

Yesterday, after about a week Mr. Abe had showed his initention to resign Japan’s primary ministter, Mr. Fukuda was elected as the next LDP’s president.  In this election, Mr. Fukuda and Mr. Aso stood as a candidate. 

In general, Mr. Aso got the popularity among the public, but Mr.Fukuda had obtained support from magority of LDP, which led him to win the election.


They said Mr. Aso fought a good fight, but Mr. Fukuda has got over 66% of votes.  I guess that figure is  outstanding.  Two-third is enough to call it a sweeping victory.


It was raining until a while ago.


I’ve just heard an announcement saying a warning of heavy rains and local flooding had been canceled.   These days the weather is a little strange.  Today there was a heavy rain just after I came back from lunch.  I managed to escape narrowly from that rain, though I got wet a little.  


Recently a new function called “Amember” has been added to Ameblo, which is a type of journal that a user can post.  Usually a journal posted against Ameblo is open to public, but using Amember, they can make it “closed” to the limited members whom the user has given authorization to read his/her Amember journals.  


I think it is somehow related to integration between SNSs’ and Blogs, in other words, open and closed.   Maybe both is heading somewhere between them.  They will develop together absorbing each other’s advantages.


I was considering publishing this site to Mixi, but for a while I leave this as it is and see what happens.



It is unstable weather with intermittent rain.


Have been kept going to hospital every other day for rehabilitation for my right knee.  Need to check whether I can apply insurance to the cost of treatment.  Waiting for the day I can run without worrying anything.


It was cloudy while I was out to eat at lunchtime.

The typhoon has been gone to north, but the wind is still strong.  


I am torn between publishing this site to Mixi or not.  Mixi is something that more personal information is exposed to the public than the normal use of the Internet as the information like friends list and communities can be used to specify the individuals.


SNS’s are characterized by its closed network.  One thing I don’t like about them is they don’t allow search engines to crawl their contents.  I’d like to share as much information as I know with the world, so as long as I’m using a SNS to keep my journal, people outside of that SNS who may think there is variable information in my journal has no chance to reach it.  (By the way, Mixi’s search function against its journal contents is very unsatisfactory because it can only search for the contents of the recent one week)


In the very near future I will make up my mind regarding this.


Gym reopened

It is raining today.


I went to a gym to work out yesterday. The gym was where I had been going until last month for about 2 years.  It reopened 9/3 after half a month of repair.  


The design of the training room and the locker room were totally changed.  The training room had a whole new set of work-out machines, running machines and training bikes.  Because the training area had been extended without a reception table in the center, there were more machines there, especially as to running machines, about ten of which were located at the window and the scenery of them was so magnificent, so I was almost overwhelmed.  Even more amazingly, the running machines and bikes had a monitor panel in front and they can watch TV while they are working out.  You can select any channel as you want.  I hadn’t used such latest training machines, so I didn’t know how to use them at first.


The bathing area was almost same as before.  Because of their newness, the number of users is still small but there will be more people in the near future.   


Today’ weather is unstable.  


When I went out to go to hospital at lunchtime, I was caught in a sudden squall.   One of my colleagues had kindly said that I should bring my umbrella when I was about to leave the office, so I could manage to avoid "totally wet" situation. However, the rain was so heavy, large part of my body got wet even with the umbrella. The period of the rainfall was so short that when I left the hospital after 10 minutes, it was not raining any more.  Still, a typhoon is approaching to Japan, so there is a chance to rain heavily very soon.  


I, unlike everyone, don’t hate rain.  I like to ride a bicycle while it is heavily raining.  I like to jog during a shower.  That is because no one wants to do such a thing.  I am attracted by things people don’t want to do and that have some value.  I am like one of the people I see sometimes on TV that go to Disney Land while there is a typhoon hitting.  


By the way, this “Windows Live” site has gotten heavy, I feel.  I could not stand to edit with the default editor which is very slow and I am editing this text with MS word…. Help