Today’ weather is unstable.  


When I went out to go to hospital at lunchtime, I was caught in a sudden squall.   One of my colleagues had kindly said that I should bring my umbrella when I was about to leave the office, so I could manage to avoid "totally wet" situation. However, the rain was so heavy, large part of my body got wet even with the umbrella. The period of the rainfall was so short that when I left the hospital after 10 minutes, it was not raining any more.  Still, a typhoon is approaching to Japan, so there is a chance to rain heavily very soon.  


I, unlike everyone, don’t hate rain.  I like to ride a bicycle while it is heavily raining.  I like to jog during a shower.  That is because no one wants to do such a thing.  I am attracted by things people don’t want to do and that have some value.  I am like one of the people I see sometimes on TV that go to Disney Land while there is a typhoon hitting.  


By the way, this “Windows Live” site has gotten heavy, I feel.  I could not stand to edit with the default editor which is very slow and I am editing this text with MS word…. Help



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