Gym reopened

It is raining today.


I went to a gym to work out yesterday. The gym was where I had been going until last month for about 2 years.  It reopened 9/3 after half a month of repair.  


The design of the training room and the locker room were totally changed.  The training room had a whole new set of work-out machines, running machines and training bikes.  Because the training area had been extended without a reception table in the center, there were more machines there, especially as to running machines, about ten of which were located at the window and the scenery of them was so magnificent, so I was almost overwhelmed.  Even more amazingly, the running machines and bikes had a monitor panel in front and they can watch TV while they are working out.  You can select any channel as you want.  I hadn’t used such latest training machines, so I didn’t know how to use them at first.


The bathing area was almost same as before.  Because of their newness, the number of users is still small but there will be more people in the near future.   


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