It was cloudy while I was out to eat at lunchtime.

The typhoon has been gone to north, but the wind is still strong.  


I am torn between publishing this site to Mixi or not.  Mixi is something that more personal information is exposed to the public than the normal use of the Internet as the information like friends list and communities can be used to specify the individuals.


SNS’s are characterized by its closed network.  One thing I don’t like about them is they don’t allow search engines to crawl their contents.  I’d like to share as much information as I know with the world, so as long as I’m using a SNS to keep my journal, people outside of that SNS who may think there is variable information in my journal has no chance to reach it.  (By the way, Mixi’s search function against its journal contents is very unsatisfactory because it can only search for the contents of the recent one week)


In the very near future I will make up my mind regarding this.


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