It was raining until a while ago.


I’ve just heard an announcement saying a warning of heavy rains and local flooding had been canceled.   These days the weather is a little strange.  Today there was a heavy rain just after I came back from lunch.  I managed to escape narrowly from that rain, though I got wet a little.  


Recently a new function called “Amember” has been added to Ameblo, which is a type of journal that a user can post.  Usually a journal posted against Ameblo is open to public, but using Amember, they can make it “closed” to the limited members whom the user has given authorization to read his/her Amember journals.  


I think it is somehow related to integration between SNSs’ and Blogs, in other words, open and closed.   Maybe both is heading somewhere between them.  They will develop together absorbing each other’s advantages.


I was considering publishing this site to Mixi, but for a while I leave this as it is and see what happens.


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