UTF-8 support of LiveJournal

Regarding my last post in this blog, I checked another blog site, LiveJournal, which is one of the biggest online journal sites.  It supports UTF-8 and you can write or display multiple languages.  You can also search in multi-language, but its search function is a bit poor because there seems no full-text search function of journal contents. 


ほとんどのサイトがShift_JISかEUCの日本語エンコーディングであった。そのうち、UTF-8を採用しているのはExcite, ココログ、Ameblo, Windows Live Spacesの4つのみであった。
インターフェースの多言語対応については、調べなかったが、Windows Live Spacesは、ブラウザの規定言語によって、表示される言語が異なるようだ。これは、MSならではといったところか。
Windows Live Spaces  

오늘 한 것

오늘은 기온이 낮았지만 날씨가 좋았어요


오후 데모를 해러 손님의 회사에 갔어요.  사람은 이야기 도중에 번이나 자리를 뜬다든지 실례한 사람이었어요.  귀택후에는 기타를 연수 했어요.

Poor writing

It snowed in Tokyo today.  It may come from global wariming, but there are less and less chance of seeing snow in Tokyo.  Some one had said you could ski around there forty some years ago.
By the way, my body fat rate was 10.8% when I weighed myself in the gym.  I have never had such firm body. 
Actually, after I injured last year, I try not to exercise very much, especially in terms of legs.   It is sure that amount of work-out has decreased, but I wonder why I’m losing weight.  
Oops. What a prose!

My taste in music

These days I feel I am acquiring a taste for unsophisticated music.  When I was in high school, I was not attracted much by musicians like Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin.  However, when you get to my age, I’m moved by their unstable music with momentary impact.  Their music is definitely different from the contemporary one.  The current music trend is apparently digital sound music with exact rhythm.  One of the very outstanding examples is vocaloide such as Hatsune Miku.  
When I was in my parents’ home in the beginning of this year, I found a old newsletter from B’z fun club.  There was an article in which they said they came to love 70’s music as I mentioned.
I thought that maybe I’m getting old on the right track.
Their sound is human itself.   It is violent, warm, explosive, exciting, and heroic at the same time.   They are hard to copy but I’m devoting my life to the sound like them.

A discount shop nearby

Perhaps I’m not a good shopper.  I usually hesitate to buy something that is over 5000  Especially for clothes, I don’t like to spend so much.

I shopped today at a discount store and there were brand goods all over the floor. Although they were discounted considerably, I’m not willing to pay for them.  If I am very determined to buy a certain brand, I might buy one, but there won’ be a case like that.

By the way, that discount store was very cheep for everything including suits.  I regret that I haven’t buy suits there because it is cheaper more than 10000.  I should take it into account when I buy suits the next time.

오늘 한 것

오늘은 날씨가 좋았지만 아주 추웠읍니다.


오전에는 소제를 했읍니다. 오후에는 짐에 트레이닝을 하러 갔읍니다. 기타 상품을 사러 갔읍니다. 저녁밥은 여드바씨 카메라에서 먹었읍니다.