It’s time to change

While I was in my parents’ house on the beginning of the year, some TV programs and newspaper articles on the rise of China and India, caught my eye.  They differ in their own perspective, but these are what they are trying to say:
-Wave of globalism expanding more and more.
-Environmental destruction might occur.
-Japan might lose its competitive ability.
-Jobs will flow out to more cost-effective countries.
Some things I stated above are already happening actually.   Within a few years, convenience stores and fast food stores became to hire many foreign part-time workers.  Today in the center of Tokyo, you cannot expect a waiter come to take your order who speaks Japanese in a decent manner.   Most of them seems to be Chinese, guessing from their pronunciation, name plate and talk with other staff or cooks.
I believe it is the time to have a sense of impending crisis, otherwise I cannot keep up with the times.   They are very cost-effective, diligent and tough.   They have something I’ ve lost years ago.  I’d say they are threat.

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