Kamikakushi Trial

It was warm today.
There was a big trial on the incident so-called "Kamikakushi(Spirited Away),"  A young woman was disappeared suddenly from her apartment and there was no clue at all where and why she had gone.  At last, a man who was living two doors from her apartment was arrested because his fingerprint was found in her room.  There was a lot of discussion regarding how he had "done with" her on the Web BBS.   The news said he had killed her and dismembered the body into pieces, then flushed them in the toilet.   It seemed almost impossible for one person to do such a bold thing while the police were going back and forth in front of his room because there should be disgusting smell and noise while dismembering and moreover, the police should have visited his room for information on the missing neighbor. 
There is a news site that dictates the trial almost in real time, which I was absorbed in reading even though it was still working time.  The vivid description of the trial shocked me much.  It is very live and real.   I replaced him standing on the defendant’s seat with me in my mind.  It was still more real for me.  For most of his comment,  I cannot understand his thought, but a small part of his mind may exist more or less in present young people,  I thought.   He is a mad man in a sense, but in another sense he may be an ordinary man who is around every corner in the town.  Here and there in the interrogation, I felt such a thing.

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