Had a PC repaired

It was sunny today.
A repair man whom Dell had delegated came to office to fix trouble of a server.  It seems that the CD-ROM drive of the PC had gotten out of order.   It suddenly went down  early in this month and I couldn’t troubleshoot it by myself.   Because I had had a lot to do, it takes some while to call Dell’s call center.   I should have called them earlier…
This was the 5th or 6th time when I was given maintenance service from Dell in these 4 and a half years.   My company has 8 active Dell computers including notebooks and tower-shaped desktop servers. (I believe that all of them have a contract of 24-hour telephone support and on-site trouble shooting.)  Therefore our Dell computers have failure rate of about 13-17% per year.   This seems to be too high, doesn’t it?  
Given we had 1000 PCs, over 100 computers would go wrong a year if that rate can be adapted universally.  In such situation, you definitely cannot go without support contract.   I want to know actual failure rate of Dell machines.  
PS. I’m satisfied with their support.  The staff are very well-trained, I think.

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