Depressed about feces sampling

It is fine and warm.

The other day, had received an envelope from a health check center which is an announcement that the day of health check I had reserved was to come soon.  It also mentioned that I had to take feces samples and bring it on the day of health check. 

Actually, I am not a good stool maker.  I sometimes don’t take a shit for many days.  That is not intentional.  It’s because I don’t want to. 

I remember the event of the last year.  I had to take a feces sample for health check similarly, but I couldn’t take a shit for 3~4 days before the day.  I tried hard to make myself even after I went to the center.  There I was given some purgatives because I had drunk a full cup of barium, which usually make one constipated.  Even though I took 2~3 doses of purgatives but finally I couldn’t make it and came back to my home, giving it up.

However, on the way back to my home by train, I suddenly felt strong desire of defecation.  After that, while I walked from a station to my home,  I felt a cold sweat in my whole body because my anus was about to open and the thing inside would burst out at any moment. 

Eventually, managed to came back to my room and take a shit safely into the toilet, but that was the tightest spot I’ve ever experienced

Anyway I have to take 2 feces samples in these five days.


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