“Gentle breeze” green

It is fine.

I took a look at となりのトトロ スリッパ そよかぜ グリーン, but I didn’t find why this product had get caught by the search "Senko."   

Tonarino Totoro is an animation movie created by Hayao Miyazaki, a japanese famous animation creater.  Some of his work includes Kazenotani-no Naushika, Tenku-no Shiro Raputa, Sen- to Chihiro-no Kamikakushi and Gakenoue-no Ponyo.  I have not watched this movie, but Totoro is an imaginary creature that looks like a big fat raccoon dog.  

I like this products’ naming "Soyokaze green."  It really stands for its color which is soft green and gives people confortable feeling.  Furthermore, Totoro himself has a tender impression by his figure.  If you put this on, you may have a tender feeling, too.

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クレア~そよかぜの約束~-Ar tonelico hymmnos Musical- クレア~そよかぜの約束~-Ar tonelico hymmnos Musical-
みとせのりこ 田中真理 土屋暁

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全日空遅延の訴訟で乗客敗訴 「障害は予見困難」



It is cool and confortable.
A senko, stick of incense is used when you make offerings at Buddist altars.  In a Buddist altar, there is usually a sand-filled cup where you put senkos on, so first you have to put fire on it, make sure it giving off white smoke and put it into the sand.  It will begin to emit unique smell.  
This is a variant of senko.  This is not a stick but a plate.  When you finish using it, a famous phrase in the Buddhist sutra will come out on the plate.
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となりのトトロ スリッパ そよかぜ グリーン

となりのトトロ スリッパ そよかぜ グリーン

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이 족자의 길이는 191 센티도 있다. 安田 竹葉란 사람이 쓴 것이라고 하는데 정가가 ¥89,775이라고는 너무 비싸다.  나의 방에는 어울리지 않고 불교도도 아니고….

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