“Gentle breeze” green

It is fine.

I took a look at となりのトトロ スリッパ そよかぜ グリーン, but I didn’t find why this product had get caught by the search "Senko."   

Tonarino Totoro is an animation movie created by Hayao Miyazaki, a japanese famous animation creater.  Some of his work includes Kazenotani-no Naushika, Tenku-no Shiro Raputa, Sen- to Chihiro-no Kamikakushi and Gakenoue-no Ponyo.  I have not watched this movie, but Totoro is an imaginary creature that looks like a big fat raccoon dog.  

I like this products’ naming "Soyokaze green."  It really stands for its color which is soft green and gives people confortable feeling.  Furthermore, Totoro himself has a tender impression by his figure.  If you put this on, you may have a tender feeling, too.

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クレア~そよかぜの約束~-Ar tonelico hymmnos Musical- クレア~そよかぜの約束~-Ar tonelico hymmnos Musical-
みとせのりこ 田中真理 土屋暁

ティームエンタテインメント 2006-08-30
売り上げランキング : 24230

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