Promise of soyokaze

It is fine and confortable.  I feel gentle soyokaze on the skin.

This seems to be a musical CD which consists of stories(lines) and songs.  Ar tonelico is the name of a video game.  And this product is developed from the back ground music which is used in the game.  They also added some new stories to it and made it into a musical.  A new approach of "recycling" quality music, but I wonder if it sold well.  The current ranking in Amazon is 33,702, but it had been at 24,230 in the ranking when I first reffered to it. So it seems that it has dropped its ranking by about 10,000 within 3 days.

 Next subject(Keyword: クレア) 

クレア・のびのびクッション クレア・のびのびクッション ブルー

売り上げランキング :

Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

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