Demo machine’s pettishness

It was cloudy but cool wind comes into my room, so am comfortable without air conditioner.
An announcer said that the rainy season has been over in Shikoku area.  This year is somehow or other odd in the way that the rainy season has been over a long time ago in some area in Japan, but in the other areas they are still in the rainy season even though tomorrow is August already.
Had a meeting for introducing a new product to an existing partner.   Having introduced it for some times before, had thought that it would be enough if made preparation at the morning of the meeting.   However, as is often the case, the demo PC got troubled during the preparation.   Tried to repair it as much as I could, but it wouldn’t work.   So I decided to use a development environment of the product instead of the demonstration environment.  
As a result, the meeting finished successfully.  
After the meeting, analyzed the cause of the problem and found that whenever the system tried to execute a certain stored procedure, CPU usage went up to the ceiling and didn’t come down until it timed out.    The environment had been upgraded from the previous version and the phenomenon only occurs in upgraded processes, not in newly created ones after upgrade.  Finally, found data inconsistency between upgrade ones and newly created ones and concluded that the problem came from a bug in the upgrade program.

오늘의 배드민턴 연습은 보류했다

습도가 높다.  냉방을 켜지 않으면 땀이 배온다.


오늘로 다치고나서 2주간이 되었다.  아픔은 조금 남고 있지만 운동을 슬슬 시작해도 괜찮은 같다.  이번에는 병원에 아직 가지 않고 있다.  왜냐하면 늑골을 꺾은 적이 이전에도 있지만, 그때도 습포와 지통약만 받아서 결국 자연치유 밖에 방법이 없었기 때문이다.  토요일에 풋살이 있으니까 그때까지에는 아프게 되면 좋겠다.

전부 잘 못한 날

오늘은 너무 더워서 밖에 있으면 땀이 멎지 않았다.


오전에 있은 BATIC테스트는 기대에 어긋난 성적이었다.  전반은 했지만 후반의 기술 문제에서 계산이 맞아서 시간이 많이 걸려 버렸다.  그래서 시간이 모자라서 모든 문제에 대하여 해답하지 했다.         반년정도 공부했은데 정말 불본의다.


오후에는 한국어 교실에 갔다.  저는 역시 말할때 빨리 말을 내서 대화에 리듬을 수가 없다.  아마 한국말에 대해서 자신이 없어서 그런 같다.   못해도 괜찮으니까 용기를 가지고 말할 필요가 있다.


이번까지로 일단 학기가 끝나서 방학이 된데.   다음 수업은 9월부터인데 까지 혼자서 공부해야 한다.

아직 늑골이 아프다

습도가 높아서 불쾌하다.


지난주 배드민턴을 하면서 아프게 늑골이 아직 아프다.  서서히 아픔은 꺼져 왔다고 느끼는데 몸을 펴거나 구부리거나 하면 무디게 아프다.  빨리 운동을 시작하고 싶다.  내일 배드민턴의 연습이 있는데 어떠게 해야 되지


BATIC 공부해야 되다.


갑자기 비가 내리기 시작했다.  최근 날씨가 불안정하다.

Rainy season has been over

It’s hot.
Last night, while was awake in the bed listening to the radio, an anouncer said that there had been an announcement that the rainy season of Kanto area seemed to have been over.   So, from now summer season will finally start in earnest. 
Usually try not to turn on an air-conditioner while am in home.   Didn’t use it last night, either, but it was very hard to fall into sleep, not only because it was hot but because was drunk much.  So turned on the radio in sleep mode to distract myself.
Think that this year’s rainiy season doesn’t bring as much rain as the normal year.    It may just be my imagination…

My carelessness of these days

It is cloudy and windy, but cool and comfortable for this season.
Had wrote that had an unlucky day, but it seems that it may be because I’m just careless.   
Today, when was preparing to go to office,  found that keys of my bicycle was missing.   In fact,  sometimes cannot find the keys on the shelf where I always put them on.  In these cases, they are in a pocket of the trousers I put on the previous day or just lying on the floor having dropped down from the shelf, so usually can find them within minutes.   But today,  couldn’t find them, though looked for it every place I think they might be.   Gave up, took out a spare key and went down to the bicycle shed.  
Down there, at my surprise, found that the keys are still attached to the bicycle.   This kind of thing have never happened before.  It is not that drank or was in a hurry yesterday when was back home.   Really didn’t know why forgot to lock it.   
Can go on with my carelessness of these days.   In this week,  had broken my glass case dropping down at the underground car park of my office building.   And didn’t realize that the fund I had bought takes fee.   About the last one,  thought I had checked thoroughly that it didn’t charge me any fee when buying.  
Deeply depressed….  Had better take a little rest??

Unlucky day

It was cloudy.
What an unlucky day it is!.
Had to take train to Takadanobaba to go to play footsal, but took a wrong train and didn’t realize it until an announce of the next station being Kagaguchi station was made. Took out my cell phone right away and searched the Web for a train route that can take me to the footsal ground in the shortest time.   Had to take train all the way back to Tabata and change trains there.  In the end, arrived at the destination 30 minutes late.
After warming up, joined the game.  When I was around the opponents’ goal, the powerful shoot of my teammate hit me very hard on the chin like an upper cut of boxing.  Fell down on the ground in spite of myself.  Could stood up immediately but felt something strange around my left ear.   It hurt me when I opened and closed my mouth.   After the game, went out to eat dinner with some of the players.  Because it was painful when I moved my mouth, it was very difficult to eat.   
And now, have a touch of cold with running nose…