Unlucky day

It was cloudy.
What an unlucky day it is!.
Had to take train to Takadanobaba to go to play footsal, but took a wrong train and didn’t realize it until an announce of the next station being Kagaguchi station was made. Took out my cell phone right away and searched the Web for a train route that can take me to the footsal ground in the shortest time.   Had to take train all the way back to Tabata and change trains there.  In the end, arrived at the destination 30 minutes late.
After warming up, joined the game.  When I was around the opponents’ goal, the powerful shoot of my teammate hit me very hard on the chin like an upper cut of boxing.  Fell down on the ground in spite of myself.  Could stood up immediately but felt something strange around my left ear.   It hurt me when I opened and closed my mouth.   After the game, went out to eat dinner with some of the players.  Because it was painful when I moved my mouth, it was very difficult to eat.   
And now, have a touch of cold with running nose…

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