My carelessness of these days

It is cloudy and windy, but cool and comfortable for this season.
Had wrote that had an unlucky day, but it seems that it may be because I’m just careless.   
Today, when was preparing to go to office,  found that keys of my bicycle was missing.   In fact,  sometimes cannot find the keys on the shelf where I always put them on.  In these cases, they are in a pocket of the trousers I put on the previous day or just lying on the floor having dropped down from the shelf, so usually can find them within minutes.   But today,  couldn’t find them, though looked for it every place I think they might be.   Gave up, took out a spare key and went down to the bicycle shed.  
Down there, at my surprise, found that the keys are still attached to the bicycle.   This kind of thing have never happened before.  It is not that drank or was in a hurry yesterday when was back home.   Really didn’t know why forgot to lock it.   
Can go on with my carelessness of these days.   In this week,  had broken my glass case dropping down at the underground car park of my office building.   And didn’t realize that the fund I had bought takes fee.   About the last one,  thought I had checked thoroughly that it didn’t charge me any fee when buying.  
Deeply depressed….  Had better take a little rest??

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