Demo machine’s pettishness

It was cloudy but cool wind comes into my room, so am comfortable without air conditioner.
An announcer said that the rainy season has been over in Shikoku area.  This year is somehow or other odd in the way that the rainy season has been over a long time ago in some area in Japan, but in the other areas they are still in the rainy season even though tomorrow is August already.
Had a meeting for introducing a new product to an existing partner.   Having introduced it for some times before, had thought that it would be enough if made preparation at the morning of the meeting.   However, as is often the case, the demo PC got troubled during the preparation.   Tried to repair it as much as I could, but it wouldn’t work.   So I decided to use a development environment of the product instead of the demonstration environment.  
As a result, the meeting finished successfully.  
After the meeting, analyzed the cause of the problem and found that whenever the system tried to execute a certain stored procedure, CPU usage went up to the ceiling and didn’t come down until it timed out.    The environment had been upgraded from the previous version and the phenomenon only occurs in upgraded processes, not in newly created ones after upgrade.  Finally, found data inconsistency between upgrade ones and newly created ones and concluded that the problem came from a bug in the upgrade program.

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