Lunch at Ootoya

It is rainy.

Went to our partner’s office for a meeting with two colleagues.   It ended after noon and we decided to eat at a restaurant which resided in the same building.  

Ootoya is a famous restraunt chain which I had used many times in the past, but it was a while since I went to Ootoya the last time.   That Ootoya was spacious and had sophisticated atomosphere. 

The restaurant was crowded and we had to wait about 10 minutes to enter.   And it took another 15 minutes for them to prepare our meal after our placing the order.  

The meal itself was excellent and cheap for the quality, but I thought that it took too much time for lunch.  


불행 중 다행

아직 시원하는 가을의 밤이 계속되고 있다.


저녁부터 악곡을 만들려 친구의 집에 다녀 왔다.  친구 집에 가는 처음이지 않았지만 내리는 역을 착각했어서 거리를 걸어야 되었다.  하지만 도중에 길을 가르쳐 여자가 예뻐서 기뻐 졌다.  다시 만날 있을까?

공개까지 나머지 조금

시원하는 밤이다.


오전 11 일어나서, 12시쯤 회사에 가서 개인적한 프로젝트를 진행했다.  휴대폰을 가져 오는 것을 잊어버렸어서 걱정하면서 일을 했다.  머지 않아 Beta판을 공개할 있을 같다.

Rejected on the application of a marathon race

It’s a cool night.
Today received an email saying that I had been rejected on the application of Setagaya Half Marathon.   My friend who had applied to it together was also rejected.   But this was predicable.  We had planned in advance to apply to another race immediately, if by some chance we would be rejected on the selection.   However, the race we had had our eye on had already been filled up and they had closed it’s application, unfortunately. 
We are planning to look for another race and apply, but how unlucky we are.  Wonder how many people have applied to the race….   Running in a marathon race is so popular??

우 팔 꿈치의 아픔

좋은 날씨다.


책상의 위에 오른쪽의 꿈치를 붙이면 굉장하게 아프다.  이것은 이전부터이었지만 오늘은 특히 아프다.   아마 스포츠 선수에 보여지는 유리연골이 원인이 아닐까라고 생각한다.  어쩌면 2개월전에 받은 상처로 악화되었지도 모른다.


보통 생활에는 거의 문제가 되지만 마음에 걸린다.

Another holiday work

It is partially cloudy.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox Day.  In addition to yesterday, am working on a holiday in the office.  Actually, had planned to work at home via Messenger, but due to some problems, had no choice but coming to office and work.  

First, was asked by my colleague to log in to Messenger in order to transfer some files.  When opened Live Messenger on my private computer, it asked me to update to the latest version and clicked a button to download and install it.  However, it took quite a long time (over 30 minutes) to install it and patiently waited all the time until it completed the installation. 

What enraged me is that it rebooted the computer without any notification after it had let me wait such a long time.  As was writing a document on the computer, lost some of the work I had done and wasted some time to recover it.

To make matters worse, the file type I had to work on was .ppt, but didn’t have PowerPoint on my computer, so could not open the file.   For all these things happened, had to come to office even though it’s a holiday.

휴일 출근

흐려지기 쉬운 하늘이다.


어제는 휴일이었지만 제안서의 준비때문에 일을 해야 했다.  예정으로는 오후부터 배드민턴 연습을 생각하고 있었지만 캔슬해서 회사에 갔다.  오후 2시부터 회의가 시작되서 저녁 식사를 끼우고 11시까지 계속되었다. 


파트너 회사에서 4, 그리고 우리 회사에서 4명이 참가했다. 파트너의 1명은 도중에 아이를 만나야 된다고 해서 나갔다. 


만일 일을 하게 되었다면 대단하게 같다. 빨리 휴일을 받고 싶다.