Another holiday work

It is partially cloudy.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox Day.  In addition to yesterday, am working on a holiday in the office.  Actually, had planned to work at home via Messenger, but due to some problems, had no choice but coming to office and work.  

First, was asked by my colleague to log in to Messenger in order to transfer some files.  When opened Live Messenger on my private computer, it asked me to update to the latest version and clicked a button to download and install it.  However, it took quite a long time (over 30 minutes) to install it and patiently waited all the time until it completed the installation. 

What enraged me is that it rebooted the computer without any notification after it had let me wait such a long time.  As was writing a document on the computer, lost some of the work I had done and wasted some time to recover it.

To make matters worse, the file type I had to work on was .ppt, but didn’t have PowerPoint on my computer, so could not open the file.   For all these things happened, had to come to office even though it’s a holiday.

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