Traveled Noto Peninsula by car

It was cold.  The news said it was stormy all around in Japan.

From Nov. 1st to Nov. 3rd, traveled Noto Peninsula. 

1st day:  After the day I had fought against fever, it got better and I decided to go to travel as I had planned before the weekend.  Went to the office and printed out travel information.  Left home around 16:30.  Get on Joetsu Shinkansen at Ueno.  It took about an hour to Echigo-Yuzawa.  From there, got on Hokuhoku line, two hours to Takaoka.   Stayed at the hotel near the station.

2nd day:  Left the hotel around 7:30.  Rented a car around Takaoka station and headed to the destination.

I don’t drive usually and I have only a 5-times experience on the public road.  So I had thought that it would be very tough travel when I had planned it.  However, it had begun anyway.

The first trouble I got happened just after I left the car rental agent with the car I had just rented.  I heard beep sound ringing scince I had started driving.  I didn’t know what happened but after I stopped the car, I realized that I had been driving with the emergency brake on.

I’d like to abbriviate the detal, but I managed to make it to Amaharashi Shore, the first destination. You can see the Tateyama peaks over the horizon if you have good weather, but because of thick clouds of the day I could see only a tiny part of them.

Because I had little time to be relaxed and look around the place, I headed to Mitsuke island, the second destination.  The weather got worse and worse and made driving condition worse, too.

The trouble I got next happened when I was going to go over the mountain between Ishikawa and Toyama.  Because of construction taking place, only one lane was available and it was shared by the both direction.  My car met another car coming from the opposite direction and there was a little space.  I thought I could pass through, but as I passing by, my car hit a sign by the side mirror with "bonk" sound.  Fortunatelly, the sign was thin and was not fixed hard at the place, so the damage on the car was very little.  I dissappointed but continued driving.

The third trouble happened also at the narrow road.  While driving on the narrow mountain road, met a truck.  Being paniced at the situation, backed the car a little.  Mistook handling and drove the tires on the left into a ditch.  Stucked. Stucked in this cold rain….  Three kind men on the truck got out of their car and helped my car get out of the ditch.  I really thanked them.

Arrived at Mitsuke island around 12:30.  Around this time, the weather was unbelievably bad and very cold.   There were very little tourists.  Ate hot ramen and relaxed a little. 

At this time, I hesitated whether I should come back and return the car or head to the third destination.  In this bad weather, I was not confident that I could go back safe.  However, there was more than 6 hours left until the return time and above all, I didn’t want to go back via that mountain road again.  So I decided to head to the third destination. 

Noto Kongo is the name of rugged coast line which is on the east side of Noto Peninsula.  It is about 30km long, so I first mistook the destination.  I wanted to go to the place called Yase-no-Dangai, but it took as much as 1 hour to get there after arrived at Noto Kongo.

At Yase-no-Dangai, it was real typhoon.  The wind and rain was the heaviest, so even taking a picture was difficult, not being able to fix the position.

After that I went back to the rental car agent.  It took 2 hours from there, making the total running distance of the day 321km in 7.5 hours.

3rd day:  Went back to Tokyo.  I saw snow falling around Echigo-Yuzawa.



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