Went to orthopedic hospital

It was fine.
In the morning, went to orthopedic hospital because since yesterday my right elbow were aching much.   Got my elbow X-rayed and was examined.  I had thought that I had something bad in bones like fracture, but the docter said that he could not find anything wrong  in the X-ray photographs.  He said there were cases where after an accident sometimes you get tiny scars on the surface of bones which cannot be seen in X-ray photographs and they might be the cause of pain.   Was prescribed an ointment which soothes pain.
Because I’m having this pain for more than two months, I’m not sure if it will be simply cured by the ointment.   However, I have no choice, so I am going to see how it works for sometime.   He said it was OK if I do sports, so I will participate in tomorrow’s futsal.

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