Communication misunderstanding has appeared already?

It was rainy.

Had a kick-off meeting on the newly started project with our partner.   We had thought that after the meeting we would go drinking with all the project members together, but it was actually our partner’s private party and we were not supposed to attend.  So we are seen off politely after the meeting.

We had no choice but having our own party in a bar nearby.

By the way, the worry I had had on this project was solved.  The organizational structure got fixed as I had hoped.  My responsibility level has been settled down to the suitable level.

But from now is the real thing.  I will have many problems mainly on communication between people.  Today’s misunderstanding on the drinking party is definitely an example of it.  I will have to get to know the way to settle communication problems. 

It will be tough.  I have to bear this in mind.



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