How can I improve the mutual communication

It was cloudy.  The forecast said that there would be a chance of showers, but it didn’t.


Met another difficulty of communication over the border of countries and companies when completing a project task.  I had been assigned to create WBS in our company’s scope and today was the time limit of submitting it.   The problem I got can be summarized into the following points:


1.       Difference between Japan’s standard system building process and that of Korea

2.       Communication loss between prime contractor, us and our Headquarters


With #1, was surprised realizing how much difference exists in IT standard process between countries.  Main difference exists in the process of designing and testing.  There was also a big difference in terms of deliverables.   In most cases, Japan’s process and deliverables are finer than those of Korea.


Due to #2, it seems that each partner is having a hard time to guess what the other is thinking and as a result is wasting a lot of time each other.  Language difference seemed less important today.


l        Keep

Ø        Meet the deadline

l        Problem

Ø        Those listed above

l        Try

Ø        Before finishing the task, submit a trial version of document and ask them if the way I did was correct

Ø        Communicate more aggressive between men in charge

Ø        Break abstract problems into more specific/concrete pieces

Ø        Complete the task within working hours


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