Let’s work together!

It was fine.


Due to machine problem, could not go ahead with the project much.  


The computer of a new project member from Korea had a plug which could not be inserted into Japanese outlets, so he and I went out to buy a converter to an electric store.  To address this problem, I spent most of the morning.


In afternoon, another problem occurred.  This person’s PC could not UNC to other computers even though it could ping to them.  We tried to troubleshoot this, but it wouldn’t work and we gave up finally.  It is a critical issue because we have to share a lot of files related to this project.  So we have to find workaround to this problem immediately.


First I had a feeling that he was an expert on this area of work, so I could leave him most of this project in trust, but it is wrong.  As I had been in charge of this project longer than other members and I know it much better than them, I should share them as much information as I have.  Otherwise I will paint myself into a corner in the long run.


As I had spent two days with this expert from Korea, I felt he was really a good person.  I like him and I would like to help him as much as I can.   As I know how difficult it is to make progress on a difficult work like this, it is important for us to have a common feeling of working together, thinking it is fortunate to live together in this small window of lifetime where we can share our precious time.


Keep: Try to share information with members

Problem: Computer problem

Try: Figure out what I should do to help him with this project because his responsibility and work load seems getting too high

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