Another busy week begins

It was cloudy.


Went to the church for Korean class in the afternoon.  After that practiced the guitar in my home.


Next week, I’m going to be very busy. On Thursday, I will have a training class for a prospect.  On Friday I will go to Kyoto for upgrading our product.  In addition, I have to conduct tests for the other products which must be released in June.  


My private life will also be busy.  On Wednesday or Thursday, there will be a drinking party with ex-colleagues.   On Sunday, I will have a Korean certification test.  So I have to study for that.   After the test, there will be a meeting for wedding party of one of the futsal team members.   I am supposed to help operation of the party.


Keep: Try to consult with colleagues and get their agreement.

Problem:  There are enormous test cases to be conducted.  I’m not sure they are going to accept all the bugs Japan reports.

Try:  A test person will be come back from Korea. Consult with her and try to reduce the number of test cases.  Try to have her contact with Korea to know how they are going to handle the bugs we reported.

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