Submitted internal design documents again

It was fine.  Still hot, but aggressive summer sunshine has gotten milder than it had been before.


Have just submitted internal design documents again in which our partner had found some errors in the reviewing process. 


In addition to fixing those errors, I had been fixing other errors found while we were producing actual codes and conducting tests.   There might be other fixes that have to be made, but due to schedule constraint, I felt I had no choice but to submit them.  Because at the weekly progress meeting, I always said recently that we could submit them soon, I felt some pressure on me these days for having not submitted them.



-Continue to test and raise software quality



-Found some problems in outer design documents that need to be fixed.

-There might be gap between software function and what our customer wants it to be



-Dare not take an action and see how it works.

-Outer documents could be fixed at the very final moment.

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