Fortunate that he wasn’t a person in my charge

It is dark outside.

Went to play badminton in the morning. After that, went to the hospital to take rehabilitation training. The condition of hernia was considerably good and I could play badminton with all my might. I felt no pain when I stretched my body, either. I thought it would also do if I didn’t go to the hospital, but because I wanted to leave early from the gathering, I used it as an excuse..

In the afternoon, went to the real estate agency to update the contract of our apartment. In the agency office, there was an employee whose pronunciation was so bad that I somehow understood him with difficulty when I had spoken with him by phone before. Today, he was with another client and explaining a contract to the woman with his hasty way of talking. While he was talking, the client requested him that he should speak more slowly and carefully.

I was listening that conversation from another desk, but the apartment on which the woman was about to make a contract seemed to be placed a mortgage on it. I felt that if I was explained such an important contract in such a indiscernible way, I would do very the same as her.

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