Last class?

It was clear.

In the afternoon, went to a Korean church to attend Korean class as usual. After the class, there was an important announcement made by one of the teachers.

She said they decided not to continue providing advanced classes, one of which I had been attending for over 2 years. The reason she explained were that there had been more and more people attending for the classes(because it was free of charge) and they had pressure from the church operation that they should give up the space for classroom because Korean education is not the main part of church activities.

And they gave us(advanced class students) two alternatives, in stead:
1. Attend lower-level class
2. Attend worship which is made in Korean

For me, right now, both of them is not attractive because there will surely be fewer chance to speak to people in Korean.

I really thank teachers who taught us for free for such a long term, but the situation is changing dynamically, as she said. I have to deal with them flexibly according to circumstances.

Next year must be the one of change. Co-workers, Korean class,…. Now, what the fuck comes next?

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