New project began

It is cold. Saw a newscaster saying that a cold wave has come to the Japan Sea.

A new project has begun and we’ve started verification testing process. Now I have to manage two projects simultaneously in addition to ad-hoc support and presales tasks.

I was kind of relieved that another new project would be postponed at least until February. I would go mad if I have to manage it, too. It must be one of the difficult works I’ve ever had because the delivery date is too tight and I don’t have much knowledge to the field.

It is January. 4 months left to the day of cut-over for one project and 3 months for another.

KEEP: Concentrate on my work
PROBLEM: Another work request was made by Country Manager which I don’t like to manage in this condition of lacking human resource.
TRY: Aggressive communication. We already have the environment of an old version, so try to persuade him into compromise with it in stead of making another environment.

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