Ideal Sunday?

It was cold considering it was already April.

Watched NHK’s shogi tournament in the morning.  It started a new season from today.   A high spot would be who can beat Mr. Habu, the champion of these 2 successive seasons.

After that, went to eat Ramen in the neighbourhood.  There is a famous Ramen shop near my house, and more than 10 people were waiting when I arrived, although it was around 11:45, before noon.  Waited 15 minutes and ate Ramen with extra spinach, which is my usual order.

In the afternoon, practiced the guitar and cleaned up my room.

The season of cherry blossoms is the one of good-bye for me.  I have to see a colleague off, this  year, too.   The lives we live are mutable as cherry blossoms.


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