Resistance of a child rejected by his parents

As a child, don’t you have an experience where you were scolded by your parents with the unreasonable reason you couldn’t understand at all?   They would usually say, “This world is rounding like that,” or “That is the common sense,” and we would always be forced to obey their opinion. Sometimes we would have to receive punishment from them.

Livedoor founder will serve time for fraud

I thought this judgement from the Supreme Court would be the same as this conflict between the child and the adult.

In general, the child would reluctantly accept these treatments from their parents, but this child (Mr. Horie) was different. He refused their parents’ opinion and made a do-or-die resistance against them as he wrote in his book,徹底抗戦.    And finally they are about to lock up this crying child into the dark closet by force.

What will happen as the result of this?

He would grow up as a child who don’t believe in his parents.   And what if he became very famous and had influence to the public?  His twitter followers count almost 700,000.


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