Who will fight against them next?

It was a little cold compared to the recent warm spring weather.

Watched the final round of the 21st World Computer Shogi Championship. All the result is on the site below:


I had watched this championship from the preliminary rounds these three days(you know how free I was during the GW), but the level of the final round was apparently high compared to the preliminary ones. It was a such close round that the winner was not decided until the last game.

I enjoyed watching NicoNama, which broadcasted professional shogi players’ commentary live. The number of audience was around 95,000 at its peak, which showed its attractiveness to the public.

The winner was Bonkurers(ボンクラーズ) and it was its first championship. The summary of the computer spec can be found here. It is very interesting Bonkurers, the winner used much less cluster compared to competitors like GPS shogi(the 6th place) or Bonanza(the 2nd place). According to GPS shogi’s thumbnail sketch, it made a cluster of 620 computers. On the contrary, Bonkurers used only 3 computers.

The next interest for me is how Shogi Association reacts to this result. Last year, a female professional shogi player fought against Akara 2010, a computer cluster comprised of top shogi softwares from this championship. I hope they will make a chance where a young shogi player officially fight against the computer.

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