Long way to recover from hernia

Midnight. Writing this listening to Bon Jovi. Comfortable temperature and humidity. I love spring.

Watched NHK’s shogi tournament in the morning. It was fun watching two young players fought against each other with fierce.

In the afternoon, went to the gym for a workout for the first time in a long while. My muscle power has apparently fallen down especially as for the upper half of the body. I couldn’t push up/down the weight like I had been able to a few years ago. That may be because I’m suffering from hernia, and my body unconsciously put the brakes on my going all out.

After the workout, went to massage.  Whether my posture while having massage was bad or not, the condition of hernia got worse than before. Oh my..

I still want to keep my soul up and don’t want to lose to myself till the end.


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