@nifty’s billing system is odd

It was a bit cold outside, although it was already June.

Enjoyed shogi meijinsen on-line. Shogi title matches are broadcasted through the Internet in real-time and open to everyone except for this meijinsen, which is required to pay a fee to watch the games on-line.

I thought the billing system really sucked because they didn’t accept credit cards which were issued from specific companies. They denied to accept two of my credit cards(VISA/Master), but I managed to pay the fee by another credit card of me which would be expired this month.

カード裏面のカード発行会社が「楽天KC」「AMEX(AMERICAN EXPRESS)」「アプラス」の場合はご登録いただけません。


There must be lost opportunities because of this limited function of the billing system.

Mr. Habu won two games in a row after lost three games in a row. There were many unpredictable excellent moves everywhere made by Mr. Habu and he controlled much of the game.

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