Health condition not so bad, but power retrograded

It was cloudy all day long. These days it has been comfortable, considering it was a peak of summer. It is somewhat odd so that I sometimes felt too cold without air conditioner.

I have completely recovered from the fractured rib so that I could fully work out last weekend. Fortunately I don’t have hernia symptom now, so I can go all out with bench press and so on. However, my right knee, which seems to have water inside, still pains when folded toward outside. Doesn’t have any trouble playing badminton, but I don’t feel like playing futsal yet now.

What makes me anxious about my body is that my muscular strength of upper body has retrograded to an earlier stage. It is apparent according to the weight I can lift or pull. Almost 20% of my power seems to have lost.

Anyway this weekend comes a badminton competition and I will do my best to win the game.


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