Internationality in life, so much here before I knew it

Humid. Uncomfortable weather. Just sitting makes me sweat.

Went to practice badminton in the morning. It was the day before the competition.

Today’s practice was fulled with international people:

-A man who had been Syria to teach badminton and came back recently because of its political instability. He is going to Sri Lanka which is his next assignment place soon.
-A woman who is going to India several month later because her husband had been assigned to work there.
-A girl from UK, who is a niece of the man who often comes to play with us. Her father is Sri Lankan and her mother is Japanese. Maybe she came to her mother’s home town during summer vacation.
-A man who often goes to Thailand for work because he is a jeweler and his company has a factory there.
-A man whose previous company was Korean capital(That’s me)

After the practice, we went to a Korean restaurant and talked about our plan to have a training camp in Thailand. It’s very interesting to be surrounded by such international atmosphere and just to listen to their story. I didn’t have time to speak them individually, but I really would like to.

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