My gum bottle being stolen

Humid and uncomfortable.

I had returned to my office from this week and started working there after two weeks being off-site for a performance test in a data center. I’m still in the educational stage, so my main task now is to read training texts and learn how to use our software. Although I have someone to ask for if there was a question, I have to learn it by self-education basically. It seems like a kind of easy task, but that’s very difficult in fact. You know what I mean. It really causes…. Drowsiness.

Before two weeks ago when I was still at my desk and working, I prepared on my desk a large bottle of gum which has sleep-averting effect with strong fresh taste. After I came back from the test Monday, I found the case was gone somewhere. Hmnnn, did anyone steal the bottle? I didn’t have a clue.

Anyway, I managed to go through these two days without the power of gum. But for a moment or two, I had to endure the very strong drowsiness. I think combination of coffee, green tea, carbonated drink and gum (+extra energy drink) might be necessary for someone like me who doesn’t smoke to work in monotonous situation.

For sure, I will have to keep them in my locker like my laptop.

PS. Don’t get me wrong. I’m working earnestly.


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