Worst lunch ever

It is cool. Feels like the air is clear.

Today I had the worst lunch in my life.

After the departmental meeting, I went out for lunch with some colleagues as usual. While we were walking down the street, one of us found a sign board of this buffet style restaurant and we decided to try it.

They provided us with a cup of rice, miso soup, a curry-flavored hamburger and some side dishes on the counter. To our surprise, ALL the dishes were extremely awful. I have never eaten such bad-tasted lukewarm miso soup with too much wakame seaweed. I gave up to eat the soup leaving almost all of it remained. How could they make such bad rice. All of us had the same impression.

In addition to that, one of us felt a solid something in his mouth while eating the hamburger. He picked it out from his mouth and found it was a fragment of stone! He kept groaning saying that he had a pain in his belly after we came back to the office.

We have a plenty of restaurant around our office. We sometimes “explore” new places to eat like today. Unfortunately, today’s adventure ended up as failure, but this is also a good experience. We will never go to that place again, and we will go out for our next adventure sometime soon.

For your reference, this is the restaurant we went today. http://r.tabelog.com/tokyo/A1303/A130301/13107809/


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