Mr.Kuriki’s challenge for Mt. Everest ended up as failure

Cool and nice autumn night.

These months, I had been keeping my eyes on Mr. Kuriki’s challenge to climb up to the top of Mt. Everest.

Today was supposed to be the summit day, but yesterday evening, I heard that he had a big trouble when he arrived at the point of 7800 meters above the sea level where he had deposited some of his equipment in advance. Food, gas and tent equipment was rifled by someone. According to him, the suspect was crows! As the result, he had no choice but to go down the mountain giving up the summit plan.

I was surprised to hear that. I didn’t know that crows can live at such high altitude.

How uncertain the world is as he had prepared this project for a long time raising a large amount of money, formed a team with camera and broadcasting crew, and spent more than 40 days at Everest to stand at the summit of it.

He knew that crows usually have an eye on the climber’s baggage and covered it with a mat and snow, but crows were enough clever to uncover and scrounge. Struggle for life is even more severe at thin-aired high altitude.

I’m looking forward to his next challenge.

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