Mystery of morning assembly has been solved

It is dark. Comfortable weather.

Today, a mystery has been solved.

My company holds a brief morning assembly every day. The MC is always the same person from the sales department. Since I entered this company in July, I didn’t catch what he says at the beginning of the meeting because he speaks so fast and unclear.

I talked one of my colleagues about this “mystery”, and he also said that he didn’t understand either. I tried to decode his words with full concentration every morning. To my ear, he seemed to be saying “来襲用意の連絡事項のある方?”(meaningless sentence)

But today, my colleague said to me after the meeting that he could finally understand what the MC had said. He seemed to be saying “来社および連絡事項のある方?”, which is understandable in terms of conversational flow. I thought it was the right answer and was relieved.

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