Had a cold for the first time in this winter

It is cloudy.

Since I woke up yesterday, I was listless with pain in every joint. It was an apparent symptom of cold.

That day, I had a plan of going to badminton and having dinner with high school friends I hadn’t seen for years, but I was just listless and didn’t want to go anywhere. I gave up all the plans and I literally slept all day in the bed.

I had had a tough week last week. I stood up a day and a half as an explainer in an exhibition. Now that I think back on, I should have worn a mask there with so many people coming and talking with. It was heavy because I gave a lecture at two other study sessions.

Come to think of it, the colleague sitting next to me left work early due to a cold. A danger exists everywhere around me.

My temperature last night was 38.2 centigrade, but thanks to the rest I took it went down to 36.4 this morning. Let’s get back to the usual life.

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