I should have explored the truth more when I felt a sense of doublt

It was rainy.

Today I received an international call from my ex-colleague with whom I hadn’t gotten touch for 4 or 5 years until recently. One of the now-colleagues who was with me when I was talking on the phone said they would charge against both the receiver and caller of the international call. I doubted what he said but because he insisted it as if it were common sense, I missed a chance to object him.

I realize now that he must have misunderstood. To be sure, when you are abroad with your cell phone, they might charge you cost of the international roaming fee to the destination country, but as long as you are in your country, the receiver of an international call doesn’t have to pay a fee. That’s the basic rule. I would like to let him know the fact with some source of information and want to see his reaction when his belief collapses.