Don’t want to have a wallet with me anymore

It was fine. Perfect weather for cherry blossom viewing.

There is one thing I have to make complaints. — The wallet.

My job requires me a lot of time to sit and work at a desk, but it’s very uncomfortable to keep my wallet in any pocket of my trousers while I’m sitting in a chair. I mean I can keep it in the pocket, but because recent trousers are kind of tight, if I put my wallet in a pocket, it pushes my butt or thigh hard in an unnatural manner. It’s just uncomfortable.

So I have to take my wallet out of the pocket and put it on the desk while I’m sitting and working. It’s not good in terms of security, isn’t it?

I changed my wallets to the smaller and thinner one. It certainly had an effect, but wasn’t a complete solution.

How in the world do others keep their wallet while sitting? Please tell me.

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