Enjoyed playing Badminton with some trouble

It was cloudy but comfortable considering it was in the middle of rainy season.

After I finished work, I left the office as soon as possible to go to the gym to play badminton.  Since I had gone direct to the partner’s office for a meeting in the morning, I didn’t bring my racket bag and had to go back home first then headed for the gym by bicycle.

But halfway to the gym, I realized that I didn’t bring my shoes with me and had to go back home again and left home.  As a result, I managed to get there just on time of the match-making.  Huu..

I got an advice from a man who resembles 9th dan Fukaura Kouichi that I should string my racket with more tension to the degree of 27lbs and such because I can hit the shuttle as hard as I can withstand the high tension.  He said I can hit a speedier smash that way.

늦게까지 연습한 보람이 있었다

대풍의 하룻밤이 밝아, 오늘은 개져서 더워졌다.

아침에 출근할때 대풍의 영향때문에 전차가 횟수를 줄여서 운행했어서 너무 붐비어 있었다. 저는 계단에서 앞으로 전진할 수 없이 서 있는 사람들을 봐서 타기를 단념해서 다른 경로로 출근하기를 정했다.

오늘은 파트너 회사에서 제미나르가 있었고 저는 거기에서 데모를 담당했다. 어젯밤에 몇번이나 연습한 덕분에 잘 할 수 있었다. 기뻐졌다.

그러나 내일도 같은 제품의 데모의 사내 리뷰가 있다. 참가자의 성격부터가 오늘과 같이 잘 되지 않는 생각이 든다. 어떻게 되겠지, 뭐.

Please come back soon, Mr.Sales

It is cool and comfortable weather.

As a presales engineer, I work with sales people and am mainly in charge of technical area.  I don’t usually handle sales tasks such as estimating costs and processing order sheets, but today I confronted a situation where I should take care of some of them.

Today a sales person with whom I work for a sales opportunity, took a vacation leave, but the partner for this matter submitted an order sheet and asked us to ship the products as soon as possible.  Because I am the one who knows the background of the business, I had to contact the partner to ask about the order detail and negotiate on the shipping date.

These kind of tasks are the ones I had never experienced, so I was confused conducting them.  It was surely a good opportunity to know the work of sales people, but I don’t want to do that again.  (Because it seemed a kind of boring clerical work.)