Please come back soon, Mr.Sales

It is cool and comfortable weather.

As a presales engineer, I work with sales people and am mainly in charge of technical area.  I don’t usually handle sales tasks such as estimating costs and processing order sheets, but today I confronted a situation where I should take care of some of them.

Today a sales person with whom I work for a sales opportunity, took a vacation leave, but the partner for this matter submitted an order sheet and asked us to ship the products as soon as possible.  Because I am the one who knows the background of the business, I had to contact the partner to ask about the order detail and negotiate on the shipping date.

These kind of tasks are the ones I had never experienced, so I was confused conducting them.  It was surely a good opportunity to know the work of sales people, but I don’t want to do that again.  (Because it seemed a kind of boring clerical work.)

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