Enjoyed playing Badminton with some trouble

It was cloudy but comfortable considering it was in the middle of rainy season.

After I finished work, I left the office as soon as possible to go to the gym to play badminton.  Since I had gone direct to the partner’s office for a meeting in the morning, I didn’t bring my racket bag and had to go back home first then headed for the gym by bicycle.

But halfway to the gym, I realized that I didn’t bring my shoes with me and had to go back home again and left home.  As a result, I managed to get there just on time of the match-making.  Huu..

I got an advice from a man who resembles 9th dan Fukaura Kouichi that I should string my racket with more tension to the degree of 27lbs and such because I can hit the shuttle as hard as I can withstand the high tension.  He said I can hit a speedier smash that way.

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