Good workout at the gym

Today there’s no wind, so I feel hot relative to temperature. 

Went to gym after work.  Although it is hot summer night, many people were working out.  

I came home directory from a customer’s site around 6.  I wanted to go to gym as soon as possible, but I was so tired that I rested until a quarter-past 7 then headed there.

It was hot and I sweated a lot, but it was a good exercise.







Went to a dentist

It is cloudy and cool.

Went to a dentist in the morning. No problem with teeth, but the dentist said I was suspected to have gum disease. The dentist who diagnosed me was a young woman who I suppose isn’t a real dentist but just a dental assistant.

Then she suggested me to have microscopy to check if there were bad viruses or mold in my mouth. I said I would think later and contact them if I wanted to have it because I thought it might cost a lot not only for the test itself but for the fee for the treatment they’d probably propose. That’s the way they do in dental business. I will have cleaning only.

Met up again with my old colleagues after years of separation

It is so cool that I closed the window a short while ago.

Yesterday, had a drinking party with my ex-colleagues who joined the company in the same year and went to summer school in Michigan in 2001.  There were 9 out of 19 members.  I haven’t met almost of them for 8 years or so, but I could recognize them except for one male whose shape had changed greatly.

We talked a lot about one month in the US and I felt nostalgic when I heard a lot of forgotten names , places, events and etc.

I think about half of the members still remain at the same company as before.  All but me and another woman is married out of 9 who were there.  

Time flies…

Surprised at a sudden call from an ex-colleague

Too hot today, too.

I was in a testing laboratory all day to complete the preparation for making an auto-demo move. I felt relieved that I could manage to finish it because there was some trouble where I had to have some developers involved for troubleshooting.

By the way, I got a telephone call from one of my ex-colleagues. I haven’t heard from him for these 7 years or so, so I was very surprised knowing that he wanted to recruit me for his company.

I politely rejected his request, but this year surely is a year of reunion. I’m going to have a drinking party tomorrow with my ex-coworkers who joined the company in the same year and went to summer school in Michigan, US. In addition to that, I met an ex-coworker at an exhibition and another at one of the seminars of our company.

I don’t know why these happened this year, but things are going like this.

Woke up early for a change

Fine.  It is going to be hot according to the weather report.

For a change, Woke up around 5’30.  It’s so strange that I woke up so early because I had jogged a long distance at last midnight and was surely tired.  

After the jog, I bought some food and drink and ate them at the park nearby.  The slide was illuminated mysteriously and impressively.  This park was recently reopened from reconstruction and I like its tidiness. 

Too tired at the last day of three-day weekend

It was too hot today.

Because I had nothing to do and it was too hot outside, I didn’t feel like go out in the daytime. In addition to that, I was so tired because yesterday, I had played both futsal and badminton in the afternoon, until 9 o’clock that I just wanted to have a rest. I was asleep except I went out to buy breakfast meal in the morning and went out to eat ramen around 4.

Actually, I went out to the gym around 7, but at the reception they said they had closed the training room at 5 because it was holiday. So I’m going to jog instead after a while. But as it is windy outside and I have a pain in my ankle, I have lead in my pants right now.

땀을 많이 흘렸다

덥지만 바람이 방 안을 빠져 나가고 있어 그럭저럭 냉방 없이 지내고 있다.

일이 끝난후 배드민톤에 갔다.  여름의 체육관은 정말로 가혹한 환경이다.  땀의 양이 심상찮다.  그러나 기분이 좋은 땀이다.  많은 사람과 즐거운 시간을 지냈다. 

괴로웠지만 최후까지 열심히 했다

오전중에 비가 좀 왔지만 오후에는 개졌다.

일이 끝난후 오래간(2개월?)만에 짐에 갔다. 루틴을 모두 했지만 특히 등의 근육이 분명히 쇠약해지고 있다. 래트 풀이나 배근 운동을 전과 같이 할 수 없게 되어 말았다.

언제나대로 최후에 런닝을 했는대 너무 힘들어서 끝난후 토할 것 같아져 화장실에 가서 잠깐만 쉬었다. 역시 잠깐 안 했으면 너무 고되지요…