Surprised at a sudden call from an ex-colleague

Too hot today, too.

I was in a testing laboratory all day to complete the preparation for making an auto-demo move. I felt relieved that I could manage to finish it because there was some trouble where I had to have some developers involved for troubleshooting.

By the way, I got a telephone call from one of my ex-colleagues. I haven’t heard from him for these 7 years or so, so I was very surprised knowing that he wanted to recruit me for his company.

I politely rejected his request, but this year surely is a year of reunion. I’m going to have a drinking party tomorrow with my ex-coworkers who joined the company in the same year and went to summer school in Michigan, US. In addition to that, I met an ex-coworker at an exhibition and another at one of the seminars of our company.

I don’t know why these happened this year, but things are going like this.


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